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Cross cultural adolescent adjustment

Mediterranean mapThe journal Cross-Cultural Research from Sage Journals recently includes articles on parental power, prestige and acceptance in relation to their teen children’s psychological adjustment in Pakistan, Spain, Turkey, Korea, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria and China.

lettersLanguage services: A Patient-Centered Guide To Implementing Language Access Services In Healthcare Organizations from Think Culture is organized around the steps that patients experience from prior to seeking care through obtaining health care services. Written materials, practice guidelines and signs are among the resources.

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Continuing Education for Oral Health and Other Professionals

dental-insurance-dentalbuddy  Think Cultural Health will release free online continuing education modules for oral health professionals. Modules are currently available for nurses, physicians and disaster-preparedness professionals.

Posted by: jlenart | January 21, 2014

Health Literacy: Assess Your Practice

work-desk-vector     The North Carolina Program for Health Literacy has produced Assess Your Practice which included a questionnaire and tools. The guide incorporates the Health Literacy Universal Precautions.

1. Improve Spoken Communication.

2. Improve Written Communication.

3. Improve Self-Management and Empowerment.

4. Improve Supportive Systems.


people-silhouettesTime to Act: Investing in the Health of Our Children and Communities (2014) from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is a report from the Commission to Build a Healthier America. It proposes that “to improve the health of all Americans we must:

Invest in the foundations of lifelong physical and mental well-being in our youngest children
Create communities that foster health-promoting behaviors
Broaden health care to promote health outside of the medical system.”

See the report, executive summary, videos, and training and information resources.

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County Health Rankings

County Health Rankings  County Health Rankings assist advocates in understanding the health disparities in their communities. Tutorials on data and planning area available. Roadmaps to Health is a step-by-step approach to using data and implementing community-based planning.

Political economic The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies offer resources that include:

  • Influencing Public Policies to Benefit Every American
  • Place Matters conference materials
  • Technology: Closing the Digital Divide
  • Environment: Addressing Concerns on Energy and the Environment

Black strong woman Being Black is Not a Risk Factor: A Strengths-Based Look at the State of the Black Child is a publication from the National Black Child Development Institute. The report includes 14 chapters on topics that include families, birth, academic success, early childhood education, teacher education, standardized tests, and immigration.

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Cultural and linguistic competence checklist

global languageExperiential Learning: Cultural and Linguistic Competence Checklist for MCH Training Programs provides a structure for discussion and self-examination to facilitate programmatic and organizational change.

Healthy Native Babies Project: Honoring the Past, Learning for the Future is collaboration Between the Healthy Native Babies Project Workgroup and the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), National Institutes of Health (NIH). The Facilitator’s Packet includes training resources training guides and evaluation tests.

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